My Little Ones

My First Year- Boost-Merged


Here is collage of Israel’s 1st year!! My “CURLIES!” If you’d like a Personalized Collage Click HERE

Sometimes I wish I could stop time and pause it so that I can keep my little ones from growing up. But how selfish that would be of me! I guess I hate the fact that I forget the little things they would say and do until my husband brings them up and the sentimental person I am my eyes ALWAYS tear up!!! Or the fact that I’m getting older and starting to forget things! lol!! Bringing happiness but also sadness that they are no longer babies. The fact that I call him my babies and they tell me “MOM!,  I’M A BIG BOY!”

Back where we lived we always passed my a little place that had a junk broken down truck and I remember little Israel  saying “the broken the ruck”, he was only about 1 year and  sounded so cute. It would melt my heart to pieces! Or passing a construction site with tractors parked along the roadside, he’d get so excited with emotion and would say “ATA!” I really don’t’ know where he got that word from but we knew it meant tractor.

Having my boys only 11 months apart, there is always 2 of everything! It’s like I had twins!! Now Israel 6, & Jonathan 5, they play, fight but most of all  defend each other.

Here is collage of Israel his 1st year!! My “CURLIES!”